Self Care for Moms


    Hey mama!

Let me share a little about my experience as a new mom about self-care. When we found out we were blessed with a child, sometimes you have to sacrifice certain things in life to do what’s best for you and your family, and for us that was getting married, moving into a new home, and building as a unit. I found it very difficult at first to adapt to the new lifestyle at first. NYC is fast paced, its home for the work and sleep deprived. It took some time but in the end I had no choice other than to learn, love, and accept the big change.

Being a mother changed my life, I didn’t have time to myself anymore, to do my make up, and my hair? Forget it, I was walking around my house looking like a crack head in a big T shirt and my husbands boxers, I was a hot mess! I was the last person I thought about. My daughter came first my family is my world. Caring for a little human is the most difficult thing a person could ever do especially a person with no experience. Luckily your mother instincts set in and your love and care comes naturally. Anyways, whatever I was doing wasn’t working. I was tired, drained and I needed to change my habits and make a permanent change. I wanted to have the energy to look after my family and be the best mother and wife I could possibly be.

I know you probably just want to go to bed, I know you probably just cant even anymore, I know that taking care of yourself is probably not first on your priority list.

I know boo, I’ve been there.

Its so typical not just for moms but for women in general! Many of us consistently put our needs aside for others. How are we expected to function for our kids? That’s why self care is so important for moms

If I asked you when was the last time you worked on your favorite hobby was, or when was the last time you spent quality time with yourself or your friends?(that didn’t include a play date) what would you say? Exactly …

We moms have created this habit of devoting more than were even capable of, and if your like me after a while the lack of attention to yourself and your own needs builds up until you end up cranky and bitter, and usually taking it out on your family…Not cool.

Whether its a morning yoga routine, painting, writing, working out, getting your hair and nails done, a facial, going out to a nice restaurant, spa day, watching the sun set, having a glass of wine, WHATEVER IT IS! Self care is as imperative to raising a happy, healthy kids as actually spending time with them. Your creating a healthy balance for yourself investing in self-care. You get to be you, enjoying the things you did before you became a mom its those fundamental aspects in yourself that will bleed into your role as a parent. Your child will see you in your greatest light, your child will see happy healthy fun mom. Who makes time for them, not because they demand it but because she mentally and emotionally is able to.

so before you curl up into your bed take a minute to breathe, make a cup of tea, enjoy the silence, run a bubble bath, whatever form of self care speaks to you, do it. Don’t ever be afraid to ask your friends family or in-laws for help. Remember that self care is so important, when you take the time to replenish your spirit allows you to serve others better from the overflow, you cant serve from a empty vessel. if you’re a balanced mom your child will emulate that, and you’ll be a happier family for it.

Ask yourself what do you do to look after your self mama?DSC_2550

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