How to make positive affirmations work for you

DSC_7840For those of you who aren’t familiar with positive affirmations, let me explain a little about them. An affirmation is really anything you say or think with confidence. So practicing positive affirmations is really so we can retrain our thinking and speaking into positive patterns if we want to change our lives.

An affirmation opens the door, It’s the beginning of your path to change. Realistically, your saying to your subconscious mind. “I am taking responsibility, I am aware that I need to make a change in my life” affirmations don’t always work for everyone. Some people do so well using this tool while others see no results at all. Affirmations work because it has the ability to program your mind into believing the stated concept. This is because your your mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not, like when you watch a movie and you have all these emotions, you empathize with the characters, you cry , you laugh your really feeling it! Your mind doesn’t know if it’s real or Hollywood fantasy.

There are both positive and negative affirmations. Like when you are told by people that you didn’t have the ability to do something, we are too fat, skinny, ugly, clumsy, crazy, dumb etc. These unwholesome statements can stay with us in the conscious or unconscious mind, and we then strengthen these statements and add to them throughout our lives.

If an unwholesome belief is deeply rooted in our unconscious mind then it has the ability to defeat a positive affirmation even if we weren’t aware of it. This is why for some people affirmations don’t seem to work. As their distress thought patterns are so strong it knocks out the positive statement. So how can we put more muscle to an affirmation so that it has the power to triumph over negative thinking. Here are some suggestions …

Step 1 : make a list of what you’ve always thought of as your negative qualities, including any criticisms others made of you that you have been holding onto. Whether it’s something your siblings, parents, or peers used to say as a child, or what’s been told to you, don’t be actuator put it down, remember we all have flaws, it’s one of the beauties of being human. Make a note of them and do it in a common theme like ” I am Stubborn” this is a great way to let g o of negative self talk.

Step 2: Now write out an opposing list, an affirmation on the positive aspect of your self judgement. try to beef up your statement to add extra muscle to how you say it. Also write it in a common theme. Here is my example of my Negative self talk and my opposing list of affirmations

Negative Self Talk                       

  • I am Stubborn                         
  • I am Fat                                      
  • I am too Sensitive                         
  • I am Insecure 
  • I am  Stupid
  • I am unworthy 
  • I am Lazy 
  • I am not Good Enough 
  • I can’t do it 
  • I am no different 
  • I am Fearful 
  • I am a Failure 

Positive Self -Talk 

  • I am Open Minded, I am Willing, I am radical I am giving, Happiness flows freely from me
  • I am Healthy, I am Strong, I am athletic, I am Vigorous, I am Flourishing,  I love and treasure my body, Every part of my body radiates beauty and Grace. My body is a beautiful expression of my individuality 
  • I am calm, I am strong, I have a warm and caring heart, I feel profound empathy and love  for myself and others in their own unique paths, I stand my ground and protect myself with compassionate purpose, I carry strength and resilience in me
  • I am Confident, I am powerful, I am confident and capable of reaching all of my dreams, I walk this earth with grace,  I am a Beautiful person inside and out, I believe in the person I dream of becoming 
  • I am Talented and Intelligent, I am Bold, I am learning and loving everyday, I am hardworking, I am working everyday with abundant enthusiasm and confidence. I am successful, My mind is free of resistance, and open to possibilities , opportunities surround me, I believe in myself and my ability to succeed , I love what I do
  • I am Worthy, I am cocooned in the loving energy of the universe, I am centered peaceful and grounded, I am worthy of love peace and joy
  • I am Enough, I aspire to be a giver, a giver of love,a giver of peace a giver of good vibes, and a giver of strength 
  • Actually, I Can !
  • I have the freedom and the power to create a life that I desire, My courage is strong than my fear, what others think of me is their choice, what I think of myself is my choice, I am grateful, I am loved, I am attracting powerful, positive, and healthy people into my life
  • I am blessed with everything I need, I am working hard for everything I want and I appreciate and Thank God for all that I have 
  • I am Loved by God

Step 3: Speak the positive affirmations out loud for about 5 minutes at least three times a day. A good way to do this is in front of your mirror while your putting on make up or shaving. Another way is to write the affirmations down, keep a journal and write self notes to yourself. Really believe these affirmations while you are saying it or writing it. what your doing is reprograming your mind, you can also get a friend or a coach to repeat your affirmations to you.

Affirmations are great tools to help change your mood, state of mind and reinforce a positive impact in your life. The secret to having affirmations work for you is to prepare an atmosphere for them to grow in, affirmations are like seeds  planted in soil, ( poor soil = poor growth, Rich soil= Abundant growth) The more you choose to think thoughts that make you feel good, the quicker the affirmations work.  So think happy healthy thoughts. your life wont change over night but I promise that if you are consistent and make the choice on a daily basis to think thoughts that make you feel good, you will definitely make positive changes in every area of your life.

If affirmations don’t work for you please seek professional help

Blessings and Love always,

♥ Kathy DSC_7855

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