How I Overcome Fear and Self doubt


      Many  of us have dreams and aspirations of doing something great, something new and exciting, yet we find ourselves unmotivated to start. Welcome to my world! where procrastination is REAL! Lately , I find myself doing research, reading, studying, planning and still cant do it already. In my case this was all the cause of fear! the fear of looking silly, the fear of making the wrong moves, or the fear of simply not being good enough.

What I’m learning is that spending too much time trying to scrutinize or counterbalance your fear will only keep you sitting on your butt, cemented in what feels like quick sand, loosing your power… Why waste all that time when you can make it all happen already. All it really takes is this one simple philosophy. This one simple mantra that is so good to live by, It worked for me and it can work for you too!

“Start before your ready! good things happen when you start before you are ready”

– Steven Pressfield

So you have this great idea , cool, now you have to take action!  action is the cure for fear, it is a simple classic solution. you know Nike’s slogan “just do it! yeah, simple yet incredibly powerful. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life waiting, saying I wish, I could of, I wanted to but… no, Just do it! This mantra is also followed by ” If we wait until we are ready we will be waiting for the rest of our lives.” – Lemony Snicket… Scary yet so true guys!

The point is to take that leap before you are ready because over planning kills magic! Fear stops a lot of people of failure, risk, or not being ready, or good enough, it masks itself as procrastination..stop prolonging your dreams.

These fears are totally normal, every champion was once a beginner, so don’t be afraid of being a beginner, lets be real… chances are your probably going to suck at first, or change your mind, you might even change direction maybe even several times. Once you start going you will make mistakes, you will change things around, you will want something to be apart of another thing and tomorrow say you don’t, this is all apart of the growth process. practice, practice ,practice. Trust and believe in progress.

Consistent action starts now,  lets get to work!

12 steps to a more productive life                     

  • Create and pursue focused goals
  • take decisive and immediate action
  • Focus on being proactive not busy
  • Make logical , informed decisions
  • Avoiding the trap of trying to make things perfect
  • Work outside comfort zone
  •  Keep it simple
  •  Focus on small continuous improvements
  • Measure and track progress
  • Maintain positive vibes as they learn from mistakes
  • Surround self with motivational people
  • Maintain balance in life

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