Life as a New Mother

DSC_6956newDSC_2651DSC_2648fuck yeaI have a lot to say but I will try and keep it simple. My daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me along with my husband. When they placed her in my arms she slipped right into my heart.

“I never knew how much a person could love until I became a mom!”

There are many great joys as well as tough times being a mother. I fell in deep, deep love. I feel my heart grow everyday to the point of bursting. I see this tiny human being that I created (with the help of the hubby of course) and all the miracles of how a human grows up.

I appreciate my mother so much more now that I am a mother, because no one really knows until you experience motherhood. no one can tell you what it feels like to love someone so deeply, so profoundly , that you rejoice when they rejoice, you ache when they ache, you feel everything their feeling al without ever saying a word. its like nothing else in this world, overwhelming, emotional, amazing fulfilling, oh and scary ! very scary because you think really bad thoughts if someone was to ever hurt this human you love so much but lets not get out of hand and focus on this  beautiful gift of becoming a mother.

It’s truly amazing and hard to explain. The day my daughter came into the world was the day that changed my life forever. The day I became a mom. Both challenging and most altering event I had ever experienced, I am so lucky to have experienced something so great! something I never knew I wanted . something I never knew I needed. That’s the thing about God, he always gives us what we need. It’s not about wants and what a miraculous gift giver he is. I am humbled to be her mommy and Ive been praying for my family everyday.


♥ Kathy


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